Jim Morrison – Paris


This year marks the 50th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death on July 3rd 1971.

On July 3, 1971, Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of the apartment at approximately 6:00 a.m., by Courson.
He was 27 years old.
The official cause of death was listed as heart failure, although no autopsy was performed, as it was not required by French law. It has also been reported, by several individuals who say they were eyewitnesses, that his death was due to an accidental heroin overdose.

His death came two years to the day after the death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and approximately nine months after the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin — all of whom died at the age of 27. Three years after Morrison’s death, Courson also died, of a heroin overdose, at the age of 27. For decades there have been a number of conspiracy theories concerning Morrison’s death.[Wikipedia]

Address: 17 Rue Beautreillis, Paris

Google maps: 48.853281645755, 2.3640519885595808

48°51’11.8″N 2°21’50.6″E


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